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RE: will x86 binary run in x86_64 ?

Yes.  The ability to quickly translate x86 instructions to AMD64 instructions is built into AMD64 Linux kernels, and provides full 32-bit x86 binary execution abilities with no performance penalty.  That's actually the whole point of the AMD64 architecture.  :)

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From: David Wolinski [mailto:dwolinski ll mit edu]
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Subject: will x86 binary run in x86_64 ?

	I apologize if this is utterly obvious, but here goes:

I'm considering migrating to AMD64 but am worried that I won't be able to
use several pieces of software for which I only have x86 binary RPMs (e.g.  
Matlab, VMware).

Is it possible to run an x86 binary executable using the AMD64 kernel?

I'm asking because the upcoming version of 64-bit Windows is supposed to
include a technology called "Windows on Windows 64" that allows you to run
32-bit applications on the 64-bit operating system by doing some sort of
on-the-fly translation.  Is there anything like this in AMD64?

Thanks for any advice.

David Wolinski        
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
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