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Re: ASUS K8V BIOS problem

Just a followup.... The problem turned out to be the Kingston memory DIMM. I replaced it and the BIOS problems disappeared.

Hopefully nobody else will ever see this problem.


Mike Cooper wrote:

This seems to temporarily fix the problem. Whenever I make any BIOS setting change, it goes into this "blank screen no output mode". If I pull the power cord out for ~1 minute and plug it back in, it acts normal (I can get into BIOS setup or boot from any device). However, once I change any BIOS setting, it goes back into the same mode.

Curiously, it consistantly says "Checking NVRAM... Update failed!" during normal BIOS initialization whenever it goes into "blank screen no output mode". When it boots OK it say "Checking NVRAM...".

I'm going to try replacing the power supply (the case came with a 350W Allied power supply) with something better and see if that fixes the problem.


Pete Bradbury wrote:

Mike Cooper wrote:

This isn't Linux specific at all, but ASUS Tech Support is non-existant so I'm hoping someone might have seen this before...

I have an ASUS K8V with Athlon64 3000 CPU and a 512MB DIMM (one that's listed in the K8V manual as being approved).

The problem is the BIOS never attempts to boot from any device (DVD, IDE disk, or floppy). I never seen any activity light on any boot device.

It also almost never goes into BIOS setup mode when I hit <DEL>. After the BIOS startup screen showing config info, it goes to the RAID initialization screen, then the screen clears and I get absolutely nothing. The monitor is getting a video signal still, but the screen is blank. Sometimes I can hit <DEL> at this point and I'll get "Entering Setup ...", but nothing happens.

If I hit <DEL> during the initial BIOS "booting" screen I can see it say "Entering Setup ..." mixed in with the normal BIOS boot messages, but it still just goes to the "on, but blank screen" mode.

Twice I was able to hit <F8> to get the BIOS boot menu.

Once I was actually able to get into BIOS SETUP. That was the first time I powered on after building the system.

I've replaced the K8V and the replacement has the same problem.

Anybody seen anything like this?


I've had similar, odd problems with my Asus card.

Try unplugging the power connector for a few seconds - 10-20 then insert and retry.

The MB seems to hold a charge when it gets stuck like this and this crude but effective method
does seem to flush out the gremlins.

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