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Re: I need help debugging a random lockup

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 19:02, Marshall Lewis wrote:
> Not sure about the cpu temp, I don't have any monitoring on it, the air
> blowing out the back is a bit warmer than I expected it to be though..
> I'll try and get temp monitoring working tonight or tomorrow (I hadn't
> really considered it seriously until you mentioned it).  I'll try
> swapping nvidia driver as well.
> The workstation has one SATA disk, via controller (built into the
> motherboard.
> I have virtually the same setup at home (ati card instead of nvidia,
> opteron 248 instead of 246, different brand of ram), but don't seem to
> run into the freeze problem at home (that is, I can't remember it
> happening)  .. I'll try the oo calc thing tonight though and see if it
> works here.
> Thanks for the suggestions : )


The last time I had a system with random lockups like yours I eventually
traced the cause to an old power supply. Those baby beer can
electrolytic capacitors eventually dry up and don't filter the AC ripple
voltage the way they did when new. The lockups vanished as soon as I
replaced the P/S. Do you have a spare you can try?

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

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