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RE: amd64-list Digest, Vol 3, Issue 5

Well, I've tried memtest for about 30min, I'm going to set it to run
over night once I'm done with this email... 

2 questions though.. since it's ecc ram should I be running memtest with
ecc turned on? and, any idea why when I have usb enabled on the
motherboard memtest would lock the system (I discovered this when while
running memtest on the second test, the lights on my usb devices
flickered, then the computer locked).

In my first pass I did have 5 errors apparently at the same memory
address, but they didn't reappear on the second pass... 

Anyway, I'll continue running it.


On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 23:47, Maurice Hilarius wrote:
> With regards to your message at 11:54 AM 5/6/04, Smiles, Mark (Mark).
> Where you stated:
> > One thing that is missing from this discussion is voltage regulators
> > to
> > the memory on the motherboards,
> > This has been seen on some Opteron systems we have looked at. 
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Mark Smiles
> Exactly. Run memtest86 to check the RAM.
> Let it run overnight and see what it finds.
> With our best regards,
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