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Re: FC2 - x86-64 and Asus K8V Deluxe motherboard ?

On Fri, 21 May 2004 02:58 am, Douglas Sievers wrote:
> Hi Fedora fans,
> I am building a new system based on an AMD Athlon64 3400+ processor. I
> have an Asus K8V Deluxe mobo on order, but it has not been delivered.
> Has anyone had experience with this mobo on FC2?

Ask me in a week or two :-)

I've had no show-stopper issues with that mobo and FC1. I updated to some 2.6 
kernels, and have been pretty happy with it. I have a few stability issues 
(probably from nvidia binary drivers or X), and updatedb cripples the system 
each night, but on the whole it's been good. I won't be moving to FC2 until 
nvidia release compatible binary drivers (with 4k stacks support).

I would not say that going to amd64 is easy or painless, you have to be 
prepared to spend time compiling and troubleshooting packages that fedora 
doesn't include. Some things (like Jack) I still can't get to work, but I'm 
leaving that 'till I move to a more stable but recent kernel, which in turn 
is waiting for nvidia (!).

> Also, those who know, what's a good video card for this system? I'm
> looking at an eVGA GeForce FX 5700LE, but there might be a voltage level
> issue with this mobo running it at 8x AGP mode.

Doubt I can help you there. FWIW though, I'm running a GeForce4 Ti 4400. Runs 
UT2004-demo-64bit-linux rather nicely.

	Ashley J Gittins
	web: 	http://www.purple.dropbear.id.au
	jabber: agittins purple dropbear id au

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