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Re: AMD-64 large memory...

Eugen Leitl wrote:
For example 32GB?
No problems.
Used FC, Tyan S4882 board (AMD chipset)

Careful with Tyan: http://www.beowulf.org/archive/2004-October/010956.html
and other threads.

Highlights why it is a perilous path to go the DIY approach.

The facts stated are quite correct.
DOA rates on Tyan motherboards are indeed 10% to 15%
As a result we routinely bring in an overage, and all boards get tested within 48 hours of receipt.
24 hour burnin HAS to be done before ANY board can be considered a candidate to build a system.

Before we think that makes Tyan POS, we see similar DOA rates on Intel, Supermicro, etc..

And regarding the earlier comment about sourcing RAM via "Pricewatch" the same comments apply in spades.
If you buy RAM by that route I can nearly guarantee you will have grief.

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