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Odd failure mode / new kernel in kickstart install

Here's the deal: I'm creating a custom dist to put our product
and a stripped-down RedHat system onto a box with a one-disk install.

We require a custom kernel (we add a few things that even RedHat
doesn't).  I've built and tested a new kernel using src rpms and
the like, and tossed it into the RPM repository for my dist-in-training
(I'm doing network installs for now to save on CDs).  I also had to
build/find mkinitrd and grub, among others.

In any case, it seems that when I try to install using the new
kernel, the install seems to copy over most of the system, but
fails at the end.  I get a corrupted version of the final
screen (the pre-reboot one).  Over the ncurses, I see:

pmio_internal.h:235: fdGetFp: Assertion `fd && fd->magic == 0x04463138' failed.
install exited abnormally -- received signal 6
sending termination signals...done
sending kill signals...done

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