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Re: about anaconda

On Mon, 2002-12-23 at 13:50, Justin Zygmont wrote:
> and the endless amount of users submitting bug reports too.  I'm sure 
> glad there's still other distros, there's no loyalty here..

Show me another software company that strives harder to do right by our
users and customers than Red Hat.  We employ lots of people that write
Free Software all day long.  We provide free downloads of the ISOs from
our website and from our mirrors.  We provide free access to all the
documentation for our OS on the web.  Our engineers interact with our
users on mailing lists and bugzilla reports.  All of this at no cost to
you.  And you say there's "no loyalty here"? 

But somehow that's not enough.  Some people feel that since they have
access to our source code that they should have access to use our
trademark as well.  Why stop there?  Why shouldn't you have access to
our snack bar too?  Seriously, come on over and we'll hand out some
Oreos and some Mountain Dew.  :)  


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