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Re: off list -- Re: about anaconda

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002, R P Herrold wrote:

> John, Robert, Matt -- this has drifted _SO_ far off topic from
> anaconda matters -- could you fellows either take it
> elsewhere, off the list, please.

I have thought about that, and decided it is on topic because what _I_
want to do is to do customised installs for clients using Anaconda &
kickstart, and to install off _my_ network.

Sure, it deals with legal issues, but it also deals with what people
who, like me, want to make a living supporting Linux, and since our
skills pertain most to Red Hat Linux, Red Hat Linux in particular, for
third parties.

I am assuming Matt speaks with some authority; at the least, what he
says is consistent with how I understand the Red Hat guidelines. More,
he's in a better position than you and I to clarify the matter by
checking with others in Red Hat who do know.

Whether Matt is persuaded my argument has some merit and takes it up
internally is one thing, perhaps the best I can hope for. If not, then
others have now been warned and can plan accordingly.

> While I enjoy people who are not lawyers debating legal issues
It's not just legal, moral issues are relevant too. Red Hat's profitting
from people like you and me who've been on these lists for agesm helping
out, and at the same time seeking to prevent us from profitting from Red
Hat's contributions.

I presume that now Red Hat is going to scour the Internet for derived
products (of which I know there are some) and ensure that they don't
infringe Red Hat's trademarks by saying they're "based on Red Hat

Please, reply only to the list.

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