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Re: off list -- Re: about anaconda

On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 12:41:22PM +0200, Mustafa Bodur wrote:
> Since the contributor's of list from redhat itself does not include
> disclaimer or descriptive signatures, i am not sure if they are
> spokepersons involved with legal issues or technical people also
> interested in legal related stuff.  I am asking this out of
> curiosity.  If this was talked before i have missed it.

For clarification, I'm Matt Wilson, Manager, Base Operating Systems.
I'm responsible for the engineering side of getting Red Hat Linux
produced.  This involves many legal concerns, as you can imagine.  I
can speak about how our legal policies may affect you, but any
determination on individual situations or circumstances are made by
our legal council.  Of course, the normal disclaimers apply.  For a
legal opinion, retain a lawyer.

> >Our technical contributions are fully available for you to profit from
> >(since they're GPLed).  Our brand and trademarks are not, nor can they
> >be and retain their value and enforceability.
> There was something i believe it's really wondered by many, and this
> is the high time to ask.  It's about the redhat advance server and
> other high priced products.  Does redhat contribute all its
> implementations to the free software world, or does it keep some for
> itself? shortly is rhas a gnu gpl linux? Is the high price tag only
> for the support offered? I am not taking a side here i just
> wonder. Afaik, only the srpms are available for download in redhat
> ftp and its mirrors but a cd image is not available anywhere. If i
> have the rhas box set do i have have permission to distribute its
> copies?  I will be glad to hear about this. Thank you

The software as included in Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, like our
retail Red Hat Linux products, is under a variety of Open Source
software licenses.  The software that we developed and added to
Advanced Server that we don't include in retail RHL such as the
high-availability packages "clumanager" and "piranha" are licensed
under the GPL.  One exception is the bundled IBM Java SDK and JRE

As with the retail Red Hat Linux product, you're free to copy the
software as individual packages from Advanced Server - except for the
IBM Java packages.  You can't copy the CDs as a whole and redistribute
them as the Java redistribution license is not transferable to the end

The price is not solely support.  If you want to hear more about the
benefits of Advanced Server (and why it costs more to develop), we can
put you in contact with some sales people.



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