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Re: LVM support for anaconda

--- Seth Alford <sethal yahoo com> wrote:
> A problem with this approach is that it only works for partitions created
> during that post-install script.  If you want all of the filesystems to
> be LVM-ized, you need to figure out how to re-write the modules.cgz file
> (also known as the module ball.)  I haven't tried it, but it may be possible
> to do this using the buildinstall script.  Erik Troan said that this is
> relatively easy to do; see
> http://www.redhat.com/mailing-lists/kickstart-list/msg00487.html 

Oops!  I was not able to read the kickstart and anaconda-devel lists
for about a month, and after I posted the above, I found a lot more
discussion about buildinstall on the kickstart list, from the end of
November.  That discussion supersedes what ewt said, above.
See, for example, 


--Seth Alford
sethal yahoo com

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