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Re: Creating RPM from the Source.


here are my steps:

Here are my steps:

steps i followed,

1. rpm -ivh anaconda.src.rpm
2. tar xfj anaconda.tar.bz2 in the /SOURCES directory
3. cp -R anaconda-7.3 anaconda-7.3-unilogin (created one directory ... )
4. replaced "Red Hat" with "my text" inside "anaconda-7.3-unilogin" directory
5. diff -urN anaconda-7.3 anaconda-7.3-unilogin > anaconda-unilogin.patch
6. In SPECS dir , cp anaconda.spec anaconda-unilogin.spec
7. replace "redhat" with "My text" inside anaconda-unilogin.spec (In order to run step 10)
8. Added Patch:anaconda-unilogin.patch. & %patch -p1 lines in anaconda-unilogin.spec
9. rpmbuild -ba anaconda-unilogin.spec
10. rpm -qip /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/anaconda-7.3.rpm --- > Result : Still no replacement made in the summary?

any idea ?

Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:

Why creating Binary RPM from the src.rpm is so complex?
I have installed anaconda.src.rpm and modified the summary in the spec file.
After rpmbuild, if i run rpm -qip on the binary rpm, the changes made to the summary is not updated.

Can any body give me a step by step procedures to follow and the samle output ?

If you give us a step by step procedure of what you did it would help ;) ie, - how have you installed the src.rpm, and where to ? - how did you rpmbuild it ? - you didn't mention you installed the resulting binary rpm, but I presume you did


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