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Re: Creating RPM from the Source.


> steps i followed,
> 1. rpm -ivh anaconda.src.rpm
> 2. tar xfj anaconda.tar.bz2  in the /SOURCES directory
> 3. cp -R anaconda-7.3 anaconda-7.3-unilogin (created one directory ... )
> 4. replaced  "Red Hat" with "my text" inside "anaconda-7.3-unilogin" 
> directory
> 5. diff -urN anaconda-7.3 anaconda-7.3-unilogin > anaconda-unilogin.patch
> 6. In SPECS  dir , cp anaconda.spec anaconda-unilogin.spec
> 7. replace "redhat" with "My text" inside anaconda-unilogin.spec (In 
> order to run step 10)
> 8. Added Patch:anaconda-unilogin.patch. & %patch -p1 lines in 
> anaconda-unilogin.spec
> 9. rpmbuild -ba anaconda-unilogin.spec
> 10. rpm -qip /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/anaconda-7.3.rpm --- > Result : 
> Still no replacement made  in the summary?

those steps look right to me.
What you can verify is if, during step 9, you see it actually executing
the patch command.  If it's not, then you're somehow building from an old 
spec.  If it is, then I see no reason why your changes to the summary 
wouldn't be taken into account.
Also check that the built rpm really is the one that you just built (check 
the date on it when you built it).
Don't build as root either, but that's an aside.
And, finally, try installing it then querying it.

But generally, if these are the exact steps you did, then it should work.  
It IS however easy to miss one or make a mistake in them, as I have done 
in the past before ;)



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