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Re: Creating RPM from the Source.


> >those steps look right to me.
> >What you can verify is if, during step 9, you see it actually executing
> >the patch command.  If it's not, then you're somehow building from an old 
> >
> No. I am building the new spec only. After spending a day,

Well,, you didn't answer the question.  Have you confirmed from output of 
the rpm build process that you are actually building from that spec file, 
by SEEING if the patch gets applied ?

>    (Even i tried putting some junk characters in the summary & 
> description like ,
> *%description runtime*
> *The anacondsdfasda-sdfrunsdftime psdfasdfackage csdfontains parts of 
> the uLisdfn
> ux sfdsdfinasdfstfaller which are needed for installing new systems. 
> These file
> are sdf dsfused to build dsfsdusdfLafsdinux medsdidsfa sets, but are 
> nsdfot sdfm
> eant fsdfor sdfusdfe osdfn asdflrsdfeady isdfnssdftalled sysdfssdftems.*
> )
> 9. finally, rpmbuild -ba anaconda.spec (which i modified in step 8)
> 10. It created 2 rpms under /RPMS/i386 dir.
> 11. rpm -qip anaconda-7.3-runtime-i386.rpm gives

you sure it was named this and not anaconda-runtime-7.3-8.i386.rpm ?

> =================================================
> Name        : anaconda-runtime             Relocations: (not relocateable)
> Version     : 7.3                               Vendor: (none)
> Release     : 8                             Build Date: Wed 06 Nov 2002 
> 05:21:11 PM IST
> Install date: (not installed)               Build Host: 
> javclnt1.inunilogin.com
> Group       : Applications/System           Source RPM: 
> anaconda-7.3-8.src.rpm
> Size        : 3856820                          License: GPL
> Summary     : Red Hat Linux installer portions needed only for fresh 
> installs.
> Description :
> The anaconda-runtime package contains parts of the Red Hat Linux
> installer which are needed for installing new systems. These files are
> used to build Red Hat Linux media sets, but are not meant for use on
> systems that have already been installed with Red Hat Linux.
> ===============================================
> The output shows that the description and summary was replaced with my 
> junk (!) description given in the spec

I suppose you mean here that it was NOT replaced with it - I don't see it 
being replaced in any case.  If it were, your problem would be solved ;)

> >Don't build as root either, but that's an aside.
> >
> I logged in as normal user, but could not created directories in some 
> locations. Only root can do
> rpmbuild.
No, that's not true.  You just create an .rpmmacros file in your homedir,
%_topdir /home/thomas/rpm

(replace thomas with your user name)

And you create the dir "rpm", which should contain the same dirs as 

Really, don't build rpms as root, it's not necessary and if you build a 
silly spec that executes rm -rf / you're screwed.

The important bit here is to CHECK OUTPUT of the rpmbuild command.
You NEED to verify if it executes the patch that you made.



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