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Re: installer maintenance issues (was: buildinstall problems with 7.3)

On Wed Nov 20 2002 at 02:22, Tony Nugent wrote:

> On Tue Nov 19 2002 at 01:24, Michael Fratoni wrote:
> > The latest kernel packages are too big, if I recall correctly.
> Oh dear, I missed that one.  I tripped over it when I tried a
> rebuild myself last night.  (I hadn't rebuilt the 7.3 installer
> since before the update to the 2.4.18-17 kernel).  Ouch, that's a
> nasty problem.

It is possible to drop back to a previous kernel-BOOT package by not
updating it in RedHat/RPMS/ and then rebuilding the installer -- but
you end up with a distribution that has an out of place version of
this kernel package in it.

Thinking about this some more, IMHO this should be bugzilla-listed
as a problem with the .spec file in the kernel .src.rpm (from which
kernel-BOOT is created).

  (I'm about to go away for a few days, so if someone else is
  inspired to do bugzilla it, please do).

The current kernel-BOOT package for both rh7.2 and 7.3 is

If the BOOT kernel has got too big to be used for anaconda, then
what is the point of having an update for it available in the first
place?  It's is useless for rebuilding the installer, which (I
assume) is one of the major reasons for its existence.  It needs to
be kept trim (yet functional) enough to remain useful for this
purpose, and I guess this has been overlooked in QA.


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