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Re: installer maintenance issues (was: buildinstall problems with7.3)

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Danny Yee wrote:

> Jeremy Katz wrote:
> > You're assuming that your practice of rebuilding the installer with
> > newer packages is at all a supported behavior or the like, and it's just
> > not.  
> Maybe it should be, though!  Having an up to date network install
> setup is really useful, at least in the University environment.
> (I guess big corporates may prefer hard drive imaging.)  And being
> able to burn up to date CDs saves a lot of CD-Rs.  I've got to make
> it easy, there are too many Debian and Suse fanatics around here :-)
> Also, what else is kernel-BOOT for?  I've never touched it for anything
> else as far as I know (but then I'm new to this).

No reason I know to use the latest kernel for the install. Seems fine to
me to use an old (working) BOOT kernel and install the latest kernel to
the target.

Did you need security fixes while installing?

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