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RE: [Maybe OT] Trademarks and other such legal-type stuff

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> From: Raju Mathur [mailto:raju linux-delhi org] 
> Sent: 12-10-2002 5:24 
> Subject: [Maybe OT] Trademarks and other such legal-type stuff

I want to state that I also am in the exact same position,
our company wants to create a RH-based distribution which
is used only as a free (as in beer) OS on top of which we
run our proprietary software. I likewise mailed the
trademarks redhat com for some specifics about a week
ago and have not received any response.

> that you cannot call it Red Hat any more.  Fair enough.  But how far
> does that restriction go?
> I mean, do you have to remove the RH images from anaconda?

I do believe that this is the case, according to the guidlines
at http://www.redhat.com/about/corporate/trademark/guidlines.html
they specify that the RH hat-logo as well as the shadowman-logo
is part of their trademarked property.

> Do you have to remove all mention of RH from the install process?  How
> about the installed system?  Do you have to (e.g.) remove the RH logo
> from the XDM login screen?

I would extend the question to whether we must recompile all the packages
since they mention redhat both as the vendor as well as packager.
I fear that this is the case.

> Thoughts, opinions welcome.  And apologies in advance for posting OT.

Hopes that the trademark-people had the time to answer our questions?
We have deadline looming on our project and I am genuinly concerced to
comply with the terms rigidly.

Asking a less offtopic question:

I've insofar been using RH7.2 as the base of our distribution, kudos to
Tony Nugent for the excellent howto as well as mkinstaller.sh, and noticed
that the anaconda is quite hairy to hack in order to comply with the
trademarks-thingie discussed above. Does the 8.0 make it any easier?


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