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Re: [Maybe OT] Trademarks and other such legal-type stuff

On Tue Oct 15 2002 at 15:47, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> "Törrönen, Paul-Erik" (paul-erik torronen cardinal fi) said:
> > I've insofar been using RH7.2 as the base of our distribution, kudos to
> > Tony Nugent for the excellent howto as well as mkinstaller.sh, and noticed

Unfortunately the web page for my howto has not been visible to the
internet lately... if you managed to get to it over the past few
weeks, then you have been lucky.

  My (now former) DNS and web host has changed hands, and things
  have gone from bad to worse.  (So sad to see, because I originally
  helped to build it).  I've lost at least a week of emails (not
  impressed), so I haven't a clue what has been discussed here

I've moved my dns hosting elsewhere, and at least my domain is now
visible to the internet again.  Email is back again, but I still
need to sort out and set up the web hosting details.  That might
take another week or so, but meanwhile if anyone wants a copy of the
howto then please feel free to email me.

I haven't had a chance to look closely at anaconda in rh8.0, so
updates to include mention of it may take a while.  But if anyone
has already gone down this path, I'm more than happy to include

  Tony Nugent <Tony linuxworks com au>
  LinuxWorks - Gold Coast Qld Australia

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