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How to Create a Custom Bootable Redhat 9.0 CD on a single CD

I am having trouble getting information on how to create a custom
bootable CD for RedHat 9.0  I find few article for 7.3 and earlier, but
RedHat don't use the same comps file structure anymore.  In any case, do
anyone know of any site or article that will show you how to create a
custom redhat 9.0 CD.

What I have done so far is create a kickstart configuration.  I am able
to an automatic install with the stock RedHat 9.0 CD and a floppy
without a problem.  Since our install contain only 188 packages, I would
like to create a single CD that contain all of the RPM that is require
from disc 1, 2, and 3 (also the core).  And if possible, put my ks.cfg
file on the cd also (but this part for me right now would be consider a

>From what I gather so far, I have create a build directory under /var
call LZBuild

Inside my /var/LZBuild, I have copy all of the contents from the 1st CD
to its (include the .discinfo file).  Afterward, I copy the missing RPM
I need with my kickstart install from Disc 2 and Disc 3 into the same
RPMS folder under /var/LZBuild (the absolute path is

Afterward, I delete some of the RPMS I didn't need from my new
/var/LZBuild/RedHat/RPMS/ folders.  Afterward, the folder size for
/var/LZBuild is under 650 Meg.

I then run the following command to update the hdlist file inside my
/var/LZBuild/RedHat/base/ folder (before I execute the command, I delete
the original hdlist and hdlist2 just to be sure.

/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist --withnumbers --hdlist
/var/LZBuild/RedHat/base/hdlist /var/LZBuild

After this part, I am lose!  How do I update the Comps file?  What
command/syntax do I use?  I could use all the help I could get please


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