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Handy hint

In installing the RHLESAS3 beta, I went through a proxy server.

Two actually, the Python libraries don't do http 1.1 properly and I had
to use iptables rules to force it through an Apache proxy where I fixed
the headers. Consequently I have logs for both Squid and Apache.

This means I have a list of every file needed to do the install.

If I wanted to create a CD to preproduce this installation, I could
create a list of all packages & files required from those logs and
create a barebones CD image.

Not only that, but I could put them into the image (images if there are
more than one) in the order sought and so (probably) minimise seek time
on the CD.

Even more, the files are all in the Squid cache. I don't need to
download them again, and I've not downloaded the ISOs.

Please, reply only to the list.

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