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Re: compiling anaconda


Venkat wrote:

> hi,
>    i am building a custom distro based on redhat.Now i have hacked up
> anaconda and made some changes to it.I have a few doubts.
> What i did is i mounted stage2.img and hjacked around the anaconda and
> anaconda-runtime directorues.

That is one way. One way would be doing it the way (IMHO)  RedHat does. They
have all of binary rpms (including modified anaconda/anaconda-runtime) , There
are some scripts that help you to rebuild install images. (More detail can be
found on archives for this mailing list, or could be found after some googling).

> 1. Now is it just enough to leave the .py files
> in anaconda directory as it is and rebuild stage2.img or do i need to
> compile them.
> 2. Also if i have to leave the .py files as it is then what do i do with the
> existing .pyc files?

If you modify one file or two, you may erase .pyc file, then python would use
the .py file when asked by other files/modules.

> 3.Now if i need to compile the files in anaconda directory how do i do
> it?it is really not possible to compile each of the files
> manually..right??so is there any better way to do it.I tried using
> compileall module but it is giving me some errors.Moreoever in my existing
> redhat system i had installed anaconda and anaconda-runtime packages and i
> freshly compiled them using compileall module and it still gives me
> errors.could i know why??

you may be missing some packages that are required for building anaconda. As I
said before, first build your modifications as patches to oringinal tarball:

bash# rpm -bp anaconda-<version>.src.rpm

Then, go into your rpm build place (/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/) and copy it to, say,
anaconda-orig-<version> so you could maintain an untouched hierarchy.
Modify the files, create a patch that can convert anaconda-orig to anaconda.
Add it to your anaconda.spec file and rebuild it.

> oops!!sorry for a really long mail.Your help is invaluable.
> regards
> venkat.


Masoud Sharbiani

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