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Re: making a knoppix-like RH9 cd?

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, jgking wrote:

> This is the closest RH9 list i could find to ask this so if theres better, 
> point me in the right direction please.
> I have been making custom RH9 iso's for awhile now and want to take this 
> to another level. Basically run everything from the CD while having all 
> logging go to the local disk (hda). I found what I thought would be a good 
> How-To at http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Diskless-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.1
> But i keep running into problems with it. Google'ing has returned zip. The 
> last thing i can think of is to download knoppix and try to piece out how 
> they did it but I am hoping someone here has a good writeup for this to 
> work in RH9.

not on RHL 9 per se, yet, that I know of, but the cAos
project, http://www.caosity.org/ has a 'work-in-progress'
working arbitrary packageset production script for RHL 8.  I
demonstrated the .iso result of that script, at the Central OH
LUG meeting a few hours ago.   http://www.colug.net/presentations/
 July 03 meeting entry

It worked on all CD booting units present at the meeting but
one; it caused a hard lockup of a current version SuSE box in
a VMWare execution environment.  It locks up my older AMD
processor (that same unit had trouble with some other RH
provided kernel/anaconda combinations as well), but works on
all Intel test units.

It would/should work with RHL 9 as well, as there is no
anaconda dependency, no comps dependency; two chaages --
dropping in a proper kernel, and updateing the RPMs archive
for its chrooted install

It does depend on getting a clean cloop modules build, and I 
have not tested that against the RHL 9 kernel yet.  Please 
contact me off list, as this is out of scope of Anaconda, if 

-- Russ Herrold

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