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Re: where put the srpms on my own cd

On Mon Mar 03 2003 at 10:39, Pierre Etzel wrote:

> i am making my own redhat 7.2 cd all is ok and now i would to put some
> src on my cd can someone says me where must i put them and if there is
> any files or folder to modify

Just to make this point clear: it is not possible to put extra
packages on the installation images (cdrom in this case) and expect
them to be automatically installed (not without modifying other
things).  There is no "magic directory" that the installer will
automatically use as a source of updates or additions to what is
installed from RedHat/RPMS/.  This sort of thing needs to be done
manually at the end of an installation, or scripted via a kickstart

You can put your extra packages almost anywhere on the last
installation cdrom that is used... once the install is finished
(before rebooting), the last cdrom used remains mounted on
/mnt/source so you can conveniently access them from there manually
from the shell prompt at the Alt-F2 console.

This would also be an ideal situation for doing some nice
customisations in the %post section of a kickstart script.

Warning: sometimes the third disk is not used in the actual
installation, ie, none of the packages on the 3rd disk are required.
This is not an issue for network installs, but if you have a large
number of extra packages and files that you want to use immediately
post-install and they are all on the last installation disk, then
you might need to _force_ the use of this one by deliberately
choosing to install at least one package that is known to be on it.

BTW, why do you talk about srpms (source rpms)?  Am I missing

> thanks in advance bye


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