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rh8 custom kernel on kickstart cd

I spotted a few conversations about such a senario however it appeared
things were talking about rh7.x.. I'm assuming a few things have changed
since then given the comps.xml etc etc.. and from what I can gather rh8
seems to use stuff in isolinux..

Anyway, I've managed to create my own custom cd, however I need to
add/update a kernel module..

Once the system is installed, it has the correct version.. however I'm
guessing the kernel that the installer runs with is slightly different..

I need to support the following:

megaraid: v1.18c (Release Date: Thu May 16 10:27:55 EDT 2002)

Once the system is installed, it actually has that version in the
kernel.. I gleaned that from the src.rpm for the kernel package given it
contained the following file -- linux-2.4.18-megaraid.patch

So this brings the stock kernel up to 1.18c.

However I have actually installed the latest kernels as per redhat and
it's actually up to 1.18d -- good times..!

megaraid: v1.18d (Release Date: Wed Aug  7 18:51:51 EDT 2002)


So my questions are...:

1. How can I check what the kernel on the installation media is using
2. How can I update the kernel to be a newer one with the megaraid
driver I want!



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