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failed to detect hard drive

I have a Raidzone cube (www.raidzone.com) that is built with a custom
driver to work with their hardware. I have compiled a new kernel for the
boot.img disk and added the related devices into the initrd image.
anaconda will start, however it fails to detect the drive.

the specific error is "No hard drives have been found."

the raid devices are:
/dev/rza:   block special (116/0)
/dev/rza1:  block special (116/1)

the drive _is_ being detected by the kernel and can be seen with fdisk
from VT2.

i tried coaxing anaconda into thinking it to be an ide device by changing
the names of the devices to /dev/hdeXX, but that failed as well (which i
figured it would after briefly looking at loader.c)

how might i get anaconda to use this device? what i would like to do is
upgrade the installation already on there. is there another automated way
other than anaconda to do that?



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