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problem about RH8.0 PXE installation

I have some servers with Ultra 320 SCSI controller, and I want to install
RH8.0 to them through PXE. So I made a customed RH8.0/images/pxe/initrd.img
in following steps:
    1. mkdir RH7.3_pxe
    2. cp RH7.3_CD_DIR/images/pxe/initrd.img RH7.3_pxe
    3. cd RH7.3_pxe; zcat initrd.img > initrd
    4. mkdir ./ initrd_dir; mount initrd initrd_dir -o loop
    5. unpack the modules.cgz:
       zcat initrd_dir/modules/modules.cgz | cpio -i -d
    6. add new driver:
       cp Ultra320_SCSI_DIRVER_DIR/aic79xx.o 2.4.18-14BOOT
    7. pack the modules.cgz and update it:
       find 2.4.18-14BOOT | cpio -H crc -o| gzip -9 > tmp_modules.cgz
       mv -f tmp_modules.cgz initrd_dir/modules/modules.cgz
    8. modify initrd_dir/modules/pcitable , add Ultra 320 SCSI controller's
       modify initrd_dir/modules/modules-info, add aic79xx.o 's information
    9. update initrd.img:
       umount initrd; gzip initrd;
       cp initrd.gz $/RH8.0/images/pxe/initrd.img
       cp initrd.gz /tftp/initrd.img
       cp $RH8.0/images/pxe/vmlinuz /tftp

 My tftp server, DHCP server & nfs server all work OK, the kickstart I use
is as followed. Now RH8.0 can be installed very well, but after
installation and reboot, OS report error message "Cannot memory map device"
when insmod aic79xx.

when I install RH8.0 through CDROM and load aic79xx.o from floppy,OS can be
installed and bootup OK.


how RH8.0 deal with the ultra320 SCSI driver for different kernel version
loaded from floppy?

Can someone help me?

kickstart configure file:
       lang en_US
       langsupport --default en_US.UTF-8 zh_CN.GB18030 en_US.UTF-8
       keyboard us
       mouse none
       network --device eth0 --bootproto dhcp
       network --device eth1 --bootproto dhcp
       nfs --server --dir /var/ftp/pub/redhat8.0
       rootpw --iscrypted $1$邂X/FhJ?bDdQR6NihFePbNx4iROxg/
       firewall --medium --dhcp --port smtp:tcp --port http:tcp --port
ftp:tcp --port ssh:tcp --port telnet:tcp --trust eth0 --trust
       authconfig --enableshadow --enablemd5
       timezone America/New_York
       bootloader --location=mbr --useLilo
       clearpart --linux --drives=sda
       part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=100 --ondisk=sda
       part swap --size=2048 --ondisk=sda
       part / --fstype ext3 --size=1100 --grow --ondisk=sda
       @ Administration Tools
       @ Chinese Support
       @ Development Tools
       @ Dialup Networking Support
       @ Editors
       @ Emacs
       @ GNOME Desktop Environment
       @ GNOME Software Development
       @ Games and Entertainment
       @ Graphical Internet
       @ Graphics
       @ Office/Productivity
       @ Printing Support
       @ Sound and Video
       @ Text-based Internet
       @ X Software Development
       @ X Window System
    mkdir drv
    mount -t nfs drv
    rpm -i drv/aic79xx-1.1.0-rh8.0.i686.rpm ;(This rpm package is download
form www.adaptec.com)

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