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Re: make a post script whith kickstart

On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Pierre Etzel wrote:

> hello all
> I would like to put a postinstall script on the kickstart file (on my 
> own redhat 7.2cd)
> I would that my script make 3 things:
> -Call linuxconf to configure the network
> -Call fdisk to make a lvm device (and 3 device on the lvm but without a 
> fixed size, i would like to choise the size)
> -Copy a rpm who name is "los-config" on /root/ (this rpm is on the cd of 
> course)
> I have never made a shell sript so you can see how i need help
> Thanks in advance

The facility to use post-install scripts is part of the kickstart

You're on th wrong list for questions about that, though the topics
overlap enough, and the volume os low enough, I'd be happy to have one
list for both topics.

Kickstart is an automated install process, which, just to confuse the
issue, can be interactive.

You create a kickstart file which describes the configuration you want,
and it controls Anaconda - the installer - to produce the installed
system you want.

I recommend you do not use linuxconf; while it still has its fans, Red
Hat has dropped it, and there were numerous reports of it doing things
it should not have done without telling the user, resulting in
unexpected system failures.

You can change the install tree to insert your package and make it
selectable or automatically-chosen, just like standard RHL packages.

Read http://www.linuxworks.com.au/redhat-installer-howto.html for a good
writeup on this.

For configuring the network, if you can't do it any other way, using
standard kickstart facilities, then manuall configure a network the way
you want it, and write a script to put the necessary file(s) in
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts (be sure to make it executable).

In its simplest form, a script is a sequence of commands such as you'd
type at the console. Indeed, over time, I*'ve found myself typing in the
occasional construct that previously I used only in scripts.

Please, reply only to the list.

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