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custom cd (with different kernel)

hi all,

I'm trying to burn my own 'Red Hat 8.0 Custom CD'. but I'm
not interesting in add/remove rpms in my custom CD. what I
want is to built custom RedHat CD that will have different

Moreover I'm not interesting in replacing the kernel with
kick-start after the installation. I want to make custom CD
that will have 'my' kernel (on RPM file) and my the custom
CD will install it.

AFAIK what that I need to do is patch/update 'my'kernel
make it with all the modules and pack everything to
RPM file.

And what that I DO not know is:

1) let assume that I make the RPM (the RPM with 'my' update
   kernel and modules) how I'm telling anaconda (or someone
   else) to use 'my' kernel and not the original RedHat
   kernel (the one that come with the original RedHat cd)

2) The RedHat installer (anaconda) have the capability to
   detect hardware and make initrd.img, that fit that
   hardware, where/how this mechanism work ? (Can you
   point me to files in anaconda source code?)

Thanks in advance,

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