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Question about dependencies..

Hello everyone.

We're trying to figure out how is anaconda's behaviour about
dependencies with 3rd party provided packages. 
Actually there is some cases we would like clarify : 

1/ I install Red Hat Linux 7.0 (for example). RHL 7.0 provide the
version X of the package foo. Then i upgrade the package foo with a
package with version X+2. Then i want to upgrade to RHL 7.1 and the
version for foo provided with RHL7.1 is X+1. What will anaconda do ?
I'm pretty sure anaconda wont do anything if there is no conflict nor
dependencies requirements. But if an upgrade with anaconda breaks
dependencies of foo X+2, will anaconda downgrade or do something ?

2/ If (for example) a program/package is linked against openssl-0.9.5,
and if want to upgrade my RHL to the next version, i know that anaconda
upgrade openssl, but will then anaconda install openssl095 or will
anaconda break the dependency ?


	Dams Nadé
Sys. Admin For ActiVia Networks   : http://www.activia.net/
Anvil/Anvilou on irc.freenode.net : #Linux-Fr, #Fedora
A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me, To You.

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