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Debugging installation

I'm working on installing Advanced Server 2.1 on an IBM x335 with the
LSI 53c1030 (U320) controller.  This chip uses the mptscsih module which
depends on mptbase.

With Tom Callaway's help, I've successfully built a fresh pxe install image 
using the e12 kernel and the latest modules.  The installation works via 
pxe/kickstart but the mptbase module is not included within the kernel 
initrd that is generated.  If I don't reboot the box after the install, I 
can go to vt2, chroot into the system and do anything I want, including copy 
over a new initrd with the correct linuxrc and mptbase.o module.  

So 3 questions:
What generates linuxrc and the kernel initrd's that are found in /boot?
Why does the buildinstall build working installation images, but the
install not pick up the right modules?
Is there a way to turn up the debugging level during an installation so
I get more than just a list of packages installed in /tmp/install.log?

Jim Wildman, CISSP, RHCE                                jim rossberry com

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