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Re: Debugging installation

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Jim Wildman wrote:

> I'm working on installing Advanced Server 2.1 on an IBM x335 with the
> LSI 53c1030 (U320) controller.  This chip uses the mptscsih module which
> depends on mptbase.

I am curious. How did you get RHAS 2.1 without support?

> With Tom Callaway's help, I've successfully built a fresh pxe install image 
> using the e12 kernel and the latest modules.  The installation works via 
> pxe/kickstart but the mptbase module is not included within the kernel 
> initrd that is generated.  If I don't reboot the box after the install, I 
> can go to vt2, chroot into the system and do anything I want, including copy 
> over a new initrd with the correct linuxrc and mptbase.o module.  
> So 3 questions:
> What generates linuxrc and the kernel initrd's that are found in /boot?
> Why does the buildinstall build working installation images, but the
> install not pick up the right modules?
> Is there a way to turn up the debugging level during an installation so
> I get more than just a list of packages installed in /tmp/install.log?
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