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Re: help with kick start installation

On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 07:50, HEMANT BAANDAL wrote:
> hey guys,
>  i have made a kickstart installation which works
> perfectly fine but the problem with that installation
> is that it doesnot ask for any confirmation before
> going for the partition format which is little
> dangerous. as far as i am concerned i have already
> formatted my linux machine once due to that, so i need
> to put up some window which asks for confirmation
> before it starts the disk format. 

I think there is a kickstart list where you might get better info, but
here are two ways I know of to to do this:

- put the interactive option in your ks file.  That will pre-populate
the answers to the questions, but allows you to change them prior to
action.  This affects the entire install, not just the partition

- Do not define the partition information.  It will only query you for
the partition info, not the other stuff you defined.

I do not know the specifics of your environment and goals, so can't
recommend one or the other option as best.

I do NOT know of a way to mix the above 2 options for the partition
information only so that you can pre-define the partitions, but have it
prompt you to confirm.  There might be a way, I just don't know it.

Perhaps check in the kickstart list, or do a google search for
"kickstart linux partition interactive" or something like that and see
what you might find.

Hope this helps,


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