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Re: Install boot disk...

Hy Doug,

> I?ve actually figured out the problem, and I?m going to post the details of my exploits when I have some spare time.  I
> was trying to install Redhat on a Sun Cobalt Qube over the serial port.  The problem is, their ?netboot? actually loads a
> kernel stored in ROM, and mounts root via NFS, rather than loading the whole system, so loader kept failing while it
> was trying to probe something related to modules.  I ended up running a chroot?ed /usr/bin/anaconda ?m ?ftp://local.ip/?
> ?T to get it to work.  I plan on building a patch for anaconda and loader.c so that instead of having anacaonda guess
> what needs to be done (like remounting ISO images, or just reading the directory, etc.) from the install method, you?ll
> be able to tell it via the commandline, so that you can, for instance, use ISOs with one of the methods that doesn?t
> currently support it, or override mounting options?

Are you that proud of your signature so that you wish that everybody
can admire your hand writing style? Do you want us to order some pizza
or wooden coffins with your signature? Or should we all print it out
and put it on the ceiling above our beds so we can admire it when
falling asleep or waking up?
And I'm sure that many people with Dial-on-Demand Dial-Ups are really
thankfull that you take care that they are connected bye providing an
external link in your mails!

Please, never ever post again html crap:
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Sorry to sound a bit harsh but putting the signature under the mails
is the worst case of html mail I've ever seen.



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