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RE: Install boot disk...

Okay folks, this is the third message about the MIME content type of my
email on a list that's supposed to be about ananconda development.  Any
future problems, please mail me directly...

1. HTML Formatting
My mail client sends out email with an HTML formatting, and with a
text/plain formatting.  If you don't like HTML, don't view it.  What's that,
you see gobbledy gook in your mail client?  The fact is, most major
text-only mail clients now support MIME tagging, so upgrade.  Not your
decision?  Send an email to your administrator.  Mutt, and pine, and I'm
sure many others correctly handle the mail, so there are options out there.

2. My .sig
.sig's are often vanity items.  People like to put in their favorite quote
or witticism.  Know what?  Mine's smaller than most.  It's a single link,
and a short URL, at that.  But it's an external link, you say, making it
much larger?  Turn off the downloading of external links in your mail
reader.  I could have it embedded into the message, but I choose to provide
an external link so that people can have their choice about whether or not
to view my vanity plate.

3. Netiquette issues
If you think HTML email on mailing lists is a problem, ask the maintainers
of the mailing list to strip those MIME sections, or block messages with
HTML altogether.  As long as they allow it, I'm going to use it, as it is my
preferred method of communication, allowing me to be more expressive than
plain text alone.

The fact is, more detailed message formats are here to stay.  People want
more freedom of creative expression, and will choose formats that give them

So to sum up.  If you have a problem with HTML, don't view it.  If you have
a problem with external links, don't download them.  If you have a problem
because your mail client doesn't support these items, upgrade, or write a
patch yourself.  This is a DEVELOPER's mailing list for crissakes.  We are
empowered in world of software, do something about it.  And finally, if
you're bitching because you can't write a patch for your mail client like
Outlook, or Eudora, than switch to an open source one.


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