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Running anaconda -Please wait ...exec : No such File or directory

Hi All,

I saw a short thread on this error (posted Tue, 4 Mar 2003) and was not able to determine what the solution to the problem. Can anyone give some more details as to the source of the problem:

Thanks in Advance,


I think virtual machine is not presenting CD-ROM in proper manner to the
OS. Although the initial CD-ROM eltorito image which is sort of a floppy
on CD runs. But after that linux kernel is not able detect the CD-ROM.
Boot-loading and linux kernel are needed for finding the exact issue

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 14:21, Alisha Nigam wrote: > hi > i have virtual linux based on RH-7.2 running from > CD ROM without harddisk support.now its required to > have a "install" program that will copy all contents > of CD to harddisk after properly formatting it and > also will set the boot loader on the terget system > > as install program i tried to run /bin/loader > present in RH-7.2 installation CD. that in turns calls > anaconda, the main installer for RH-7.2 Installation. > > i am getting error > > Running anaconda -Please wait ... > exec : No such File or directory. > > can any one suggest what could be the problem.I > have 265MB RAM on my system.so i donot think its > because of limited RAM size. > > or Is there any other methord by which i can > install all my packages on harddisk. > > > Alisha Nigam.

John Rasey
IS Contributor
subsonic tivo com

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