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RE: Running anaconda -Please wait ...exec : No such File or directory

You might have more luck with running /usr/bin/anaconda -m "cdrom://dev/cd0"
(I'm not sure if that's the right URI in quotes above, someone else might be
better able to answer that) than trying to run loader.  (I should note that
you can replace the cdrom URI with a couple of different ones, depending on
whether you want to use NFS or ftp access, etc... "ftp://local.ip/";
"nfs://path/to/RedHat")  This way, you can use the bootloader, and read from
some other install source, if it can't read your cd

You should realize that anaconda expects certain things to be the case when
it starts.  For instance, the target cdrom needs to be mounted as
/mnt/source for the cdrom method...


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Hi All,

I saw a short thread on this error (posted Tue, 4 Mar 2003) and was not 
able to determine what the solution to the problem. Can anyone give some 
more details as to the source of the problem:

Thanks in Advance,


I think virtual machine is not presenting CD-ROM in proper manner to the
OS. Although the initial CD-ROM eltorito image which is sort of a floppy
on CD runs. But after that linux kernel is not able detect the CD-ROM.
Boot-loading and linux kernel are needed for finding the exact issue

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 14:21, Alisha Nigam wrote:
 > hi
 >    i have virtual linux based on RH-7.2  running from
 > CD ROM without harddisk support.now its required to
 > have a "install" program that will copy all contents
 > of  CD to harddisk after properly formatting it and
 > also will set the boot loader on the terget system
 >    as  install program i  tried to run /bin/loader
 > present in RH-7.2 installation CD. that in turns calls
 > anaconda, the main installer for RH-7.2 Installation.
 >     i am getting error
 >   Running anaconda -Please wait ...
 >   exec : No such File or directory.
 >     can any one suggest what could be the problem.I
 > have 265MB RAM on my system.so i donot  think its
 > because of limited RAM size.
 >   or Is there any other methord by which i can
 > install all my packages on harddisk.
 >      Alisha Nigam.

John Rasey
IS Contributor
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