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Re: rebuilding anaconda-9.0-4 src

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 15:34, Taylor, ForrestX wrote:
> Jeremy Katz wrote:
> > It also makes it easier to get things included upstream so you don't
> > have to keep including patches (*cough* *cough* ;-)
> > 
> > Seriously, if anyone has any patches which they think could be at all
> > generally interesting for anaconda, send them.  And pretty much anything
> > that's not "s/RedHat/SomethingElse/g" is interesting, at least as a
> > point to start discussion.  
> Sorry, this wasn't a dig at you, Jeremy.  I usually do report bugs 
> (bugzilla is down today so I cannot offer any examples, although you 
> probably remember one of them about getting pkgorder to optimize the way 
> that it orders the packages).

Yep, I know that you generally do.  I'm saying it as a general statement
because I've seen a few vague references to patches of late.  This
really really is a general call for any patches that people have (even
if they're not yet generalized and only help one specific little thing
-- generalizing special cases is fun)

> Some of the patches I have include allowing mediacheck with kickstart (I 
> create kickstart CDs, so I want people to be able to check the discs), 
> my pkgOrderLate fix, eject CD after installation, default to ks, 
> changing compSize, etc.
> I think that I reported the ones that make sense to include, but I'll 
> check when bugzilla is up.

Okay, sounds good.  Feel free to send here as well (or even just send
them here now while bugzilla's down and I'm doing things that don't
require the use of bugzilla :-)



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