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Re: changing installer images

I think the problem here is unfamiliarity with the rpm build process.
You shouldn't be editing files in the BUILD directory, as these files
are extracted from the source files, everytime you issue a rpmbuild
-ba whatever.spec the Sources: tags in the specfile are expanded, and
those files are extracted into BUILD.  You should extract the tarball
found in your sources directory, modify the png, then rebuild the
tarball with your changes.  Put that file in the sources dir then


On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 04:05:24PM +0200, Michael Anckaert wrote:
> Hello Manilal,
> Yes, I ran the buildinstall step again. 
> But maybe a bit more explanation. I modify the .png files in
> /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/anaconda-images-10 and rebuild the rpm with
> rpmbuild -ba anaconda-images.spec
> After the build, all the images are back in their original state, the
> fedora logo instead of the logo I changed it to.
> Op vr 13-08-2004, om 14:56 schreef Manilal K M:
> > > Hello,
> > > I'm trying to change the anaconda images, such as anacona_header.png and
> > > such. I'm doing this by installing the anaconda-images-src rpm,
> > > modifying it and rebuilding it. Yet rpmbuild seems to changes the images
> > > back to the standard fedora images. I can't run a patch on the files
> > 
> > After recompiling the anaconda-images rpm, have you done the 'buildinstall' step.?
> > regards
> > manilal
> Met vriendelijke groeten,
> Kind regards,
> Michael Anckaert
> michael anckaert pi be

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