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Re: Problem with Fedora Core 2 Build Process.

Nick Gray wrote:


I am have problems using buildinstall with Fedora Core 2. It keeps
deleting my isolinux directory. Note that I have removed the
getfullcomps.py which is still listed below (to show the complete
working version).

I had the same problem too. I think it is 'mkimages' (or maybe mkboot-something) that is called by 'buildinstall' that remakes all of the image files - including the isolinux directory. In my own buildscript, I just re-copied my custom isolinux files back to the isolinux directory after buildinstall had been run.

Are there any decent web pages/white papers/documentation on this
process? It seems rather obfuscated.

Definitely not quite a 'white paper' :) - and not super detailed, and not even finished! - but it's probably the closest thing to an Anaconda How-To that we've got ...


Suggestions for improvement/additions are more than welcome ...


p.s. - 'buildinstall' can be a real b#*ch at times

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