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Re: Problem hitting enter at final reboot screen

On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 09:27:15PM -0400, Eric V. Smith wrote:
> I'm having a problem with pressing "Enter" at the final dialog (labeled 
> "Complete") that asks you to reboot.  This is after doing a PXE 
> kickstart installation.  The entire install is automated, this is the 
> first and only screen that asks for any user input.  I realize I can 
> make this screen go away with a ks.cfg entry, but I need it because I 
> need to catch the box before it reboots again.
> Anyway, the problem is that there is a blinking cursor just to the right 
> of the reboot "button".  If I press Enter, nothing happens, except the 
> blinking cursor moves down the screen.  Only when I type space and then 
> press Enter does the button actually get "pressed", and the box reboots. 
>  I can type other chars and then Enter and nothing happens, the space 
> is definitely significant.

Any solution to this?  I've just run into exactly the same problem after
updating our custom distro from FC2-test3 to FC2.  We apply several patches to
Anaconda, but nothing around this screen.  Any ideas?


Matt Phillips <matt phillips ict om org>
International Coordinating Team, Operation Mobilisation
Public PGP Key: http://moses.om.org/~mattp/gpg.asc

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