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Re: FC2 and dual-boot Windows

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 13:25, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 13:10 -0700, Taylor, ForrestX wrote:
> > I am working on getting my FC2 build released, but I am worried about
> > the problem with dual-booting Windows that I have seen.  Is there any
> > way to get the legacy partitioning info for the installer without any
> > manual intervention?  Are there any updates for the
> > kernel/parted/anaconda that would remedy this problem?
> I still have yet to reproduce the problem.  If you have a way to
> reliably reproduce it and are willing to test, there's some work going
> on in upstream parted to try to make it a non-issue.  As it stands right
> now, I'm following the discussion and it seems sane, but I can't do much
> in the way of testing.  If I have someone who can reproduce and who will
> test, it's easy enough for me to make an updates.img with an updated
> libparted that will get used.

Really?  I thought that it was an issue for everyone.  I haven't had
time to even test it with Windows yet--I thought I'd get a fix first and
test that.  I'll see if I can reliably reproduce the problem and then
I'll test libparted.  Anaconda grabs the libparted from the installation
tree during buildinstall, doesn't it?  I can also test a newer parted
with buildinstall.

> > I've seen
> > solutions that use the legacy EDD information to change the heads to
> > 255/240, although I haven't been able to determine which disks to
> > perform this on.  I assume that int13_dev80 is only for device 0x80,
> > thus the discussion about disks other than 0x80.  
> This is a hack and there are comments in various places about it not
> being good enough.  It definitely doesn't at all feel robust to me.

It certainly is a hack, so I'll try to reproduce the problem and test a
newer parted.



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