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RE: Fedora Core 2 and rebuilding with a custom boot message

Anyone got any pointers to resolve this? Ive tried to find the cause  but
have got nowhere. The changes I make to the diskboot image are ignored
completely and yet I can take that cd, cd into images, mount diskboot.img
and my changes are there.



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Subject: Fedora Core 2 and rebuilding with a custom boot message

I didnt have this problem before and cannot figure out why my boot menu is
not working in FC2.

I build it the following way 

mkdir /mnt/boot
cd $dir/custom/i386/images
mount -o loop -t msdos diskboot.img /mnt/boot

Edit syslinux.cfg

1.	change default linux to default ks
2.	change timeout 600 to timeout 60 (optional)
3.	change display boot.msg to display custom.msg 
4.	change F7 snake.msg to F7 custom.msg
5.	change the label for ks to read:    append text ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg
initrd.img ....

Next I create the custom.msg file

1.	vi custom.msg
2.	Create your custom.msg file (note that the ^ is ctl and the ^O is
actually a ctl,v,o combination) 
	^O02Welcome to the ^O09Custom^O02 Installation^O0f
	This is a custom installation of FC2 Linux.
	You can either press Enter at the boot prompt, or
	you can just let it timeout.
	^O02[F1-Main] [F2-Options] [F3-General]^O0f
	^O02[F4-Kernel] [F5-Rescue] [F7-Custom]^O0f

unmount /mnt/boot

Then i create and burn the image to cd. When I try to install on the test
system though, the custom screen does not appear and the kickstart file I
created is not read.

I tried doing this again to see if maybe I just fat-fingered the process but
got the same result.

any ideas? thanks,

Greg King

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