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RE: LVM problem

Suppose I should have included this from our ks:

part /boot --size 128 --asprimary --fstype=ext3 --ondisk cciss/c0d0
part swap  --size 2048 --asprimary --fstype=swap --ondisk cciss/c0d0
part pv.01 --size 128 --grow --ondisk cciss/c0d0
volgroup rootvg pv.01
logvol / --vgname=rootvg --size=512 --name=rootlv
logvol /tmp --vgname=rootvg --size=1024 --name=tmplv
logvol /var --vgname=rootvg --size=1024 --name=varlv
logvol /opt --vgname=rootvg --size=2048 --name=optlv
logvol /home --vgname=rootvg --size=2048 --name=homelv
logvol /usr --vgname=rootvg --size=5120 --name=usrlv
logvol /usr/local --vgname=rootvg --size=5120 --name=locallv

-----Original Message-----
From: Steven Hajducko 
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 10:11 AM
To: 'anaconda-devel-list redhat com'
Subject: LVM problem

Got the first part of the install to finally get past not seeing any disks
at all.  Now it just seems to be having problems with the disks.

The process gets to the point of creating the filesystems, then bombs out
with this:

Traceback ( most recent call last )
	File "/usr/bin/anaconda", line 1080, in ?
	intf.run(id, nispath, configFiledata)
	File "/usr/src/build/315542-i386/install/usr/lib/anacond/text.py",
line 471, in run
"/usr/src/build/315542-i386/install/usr/lib/anacond/dispatch.py", line 157,
in gotoNext
"/usr/src/build/315542-i386/install/usr/lib/anacond/dispatch.py", line 225,
in moveStep
"/usr/src/build/315542-i386/install/usr/lib/anacond/packages.py", line 407,
in turnOnFilesystems
	File "/usr/src/build/315542-i386/install/usr/lib/anacond/fsset.py",
line 1288, in createLogicalVolumes
	File "/usr/src/build/315542-i386/install/usr/lib/anacond/fsset.py",
line 1799, in setupDevice
System Error: pvcreate failed for <fsset.PartitionDevice instance at

At the bottom of the anacdump.txt, there was the following:

pvcreate -- ERROR: "/etc/lvmtab" doesn't exist, please run vgscan

If I try and run vgscan from the shell, I get the following

vgscan -- LVM driver/module not loaded?

Any input would be appreciated.  I'm guessing this is something I screwed up
while trying to get the new cciss.o driver from HP to work.  I downloaded
the 2.4.21-15.ELBOOT RPM from RedHat, and took the vmlinuz out of that,
along with all the drivers.

I created a /2.4.21-15.ELBOOT/i386 dir and put all the .o files from the rpms into it.  cpio'd it and gzipped it.  I don't have an
initrd.img from a 2.4.21-15.ELBOOT dist, so I just used the 2.4.21-4.ELBOOT
initrd.img and replaced the modules.cgz with mine, which might be the reason
this thing is failing.  The disks got recognized and they did load the
cciss.o module tho, so that's one step closer than I was before.  Could
anyone tell me what the difference is between a regular vmlinuz and one from
the BOOT distros?

As always, any help at all is always appreciated.



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