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Anaconda Customization Woes

Hi everyone,

First of all: I'm a total newbie on Anaconda and Fedora customization.
I'm read and followed everything stated on rau.homedns.org, and everything *apparently* went fine.

Then, using VMWare, I booted the CD to test. Anaconda loads up fine, asks me the language desired... then asks me about my monitor, partitioning, and etc. As soon as it finished formatting my HD, it groks: "You are trying to install on a machine not supported by Fedora". Why is this happening? Interestingly, it does not show the screen where you can select the installation type (Personal, Workstation, Server or Custom).

I'm bootstrapping the CD on Fedora Core II (standard) with all rpms installed as noted on the AnacondaDocumentationProject, running on VMWare. My main development machine (I don't think it's noteworthy) is running Gentoo Linux 2004.

Again, I've followed the AnacondaDocumentationProject's instructions closely, so, what could be happening?

Thanks a lot,

Eduardo B. Fonseca
Gerente de Contas
ebf aedsol com

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