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trivial question(s) re: release notes and installation

reading the FC3t2 release notes, some curiosities:

1) "The disk space requirements listed below represent the disk space taken up by Fedora Core 2.91 Test 2 after the installation is complete. However, additional disk space is required during the installation to support the installation environment. This additional disk space corresponds to the size of /Fedora/base/stage2.img (on CD-ROM 1) plus the size of the files in /var/lib/rpm on the installed system."

this suggests that the stage2.img file is copied to the hard drive during the installation, so that makes sense. but i don't understand why the stuff under /var/lib/rpm would be considered an "additional" space requirement above and beyond the regular install. it's all still there after the installation is complete.

can someone clarify why the contents of /var/lib/rpm would be considered an "additional" space requirement?

2) i could have sworn that someone posted that SELinux was disabled by default during the install, but during my install, it was definitely activated, and i had to manually turn it off.

3) "Memory testing may be performed prior to installing Fedora Core by entering memtest86 at the boot: prompt. This causes the Memtest86 standalone memory testing software to run. Memtest86 memory testing continues until the Esc key is pressed."

"NOTE: You must boot from CD-ROM 1 (or a rescue CD-ROM) in order to use this feature."

um ... i'm pretty sure memtest is also part of boot.iso and diskboot.img, no? the way the above is worded is a bit misleading.

4) regarding space required for installation:

"... Minimum for graphical: 192MB ..."

"... However, due to the necessity of containing the installer image in RAM, only systems with more than 128MB of RAM (or systems booted from CD-ROM 1, which contains the installer image) can use the graphical installer."

and the correct minimum value would be ... ?

more later as i keep reading.


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