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adding packages to RHEL-3up4 for a kickstart install

I currently have my RHEL3_x86_64 distro copied to /exports/rhel-3.
I am using sun v20z's. Dual opterons with 4GB RAM.

I can successfully install other boxes using pxe/kickstart.

What I now want to do is to install customised RPMS when doing a kiskstart install.

This is what I have done.
   Created my RPM's and copied them over to /exports/rhel-3/RedHat/RPMS
   run the genhdlist command
     /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist /exports/rhel-3

I am then running a kickstart install without any changes to the kickstart config file.( this was to see if the changes so far, would impact the install)

The install appears to complete successfully. However on the first reboot of the new server (aka the client). Grub fails to find the kernel image.
So I have booted the client up using knoppix . It appears the installation has been completed with the exception of the kernel. There are no kernel modules in /lib and
/boot is empty except for the grub directory.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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