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Patches like buildinstall not available

On 5/4/2005 i had posted the following on anaconda-devel-list

      i am trying to built a customised distribution of my own.i am refering to the following guidde which is vastly mentioned on anaconda-devel-list


But the problem is that the patches mentioned in this document are not available on its location as mentioned in the book.Especially patches like buildinstall which are necessary are missing from its location.I tried to google for them but didnt find any success.So if any  one has any idea about the location of these patches and have it themselves plzz inform me.By the way i am using FC2 to rebuild my distribution.Plz reply soon as i need to finish this project soon.
Thanks in advance.

But no help was received.Is it that i am asking something very silly or that nobody cares to answer it?? I am a newbie to this and that is why i posted my query to get help.

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