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Re: Ask for help about customizing Fedora Core 1, Thanks in advance!:-)

I think you should remove the rpm packages you don't want to install
from de directory Fedora/RPMS and edit the comps.xml consecuently.

The TRANS.TBL are generated during the procces to create the cd's, you
don't need to edit them.

Pages which can help you:

ççæ escribiÃ:
    What i want to do is to cut out the original three cds into
one cd containing only our own necessary rpm packages.Because in
every cd,there are different TRANS.TBL fiels such as
    I wonder if these files are created automatically by running
a particular command or i must manually edit these files to ensure
the consistency.

    Anyway,how to create one installing cd from the original three
cds?or if i just want to cut out into two cds.
    What steps should i take?Is there any document on this subject.
Please help,Thanks a lot lot lot lot!


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