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Re: isys/pci generating pcitable files for custom distros

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, MisterJingosSmile wrote:

> Does anyone know about generating pcitable files?
> I am maintaining a distro based on redhat 7.3 and I am looking for a
> way to update the hardware support. This involves, as I'm sure you
> know, updating the pcitable files within the distro. Until this point
> I have been manually hacking the pcitable files but this is smelly and
> fraught with danger

We keep all of ours in a xml file which we use to generate all of the 
required tables.  Basically it looks something like:

  <vendor id="ffff">
    <name>Generic Company</name>
    <device id="ffff">
      <name>Generic Device</name>
      <table file="pcitable.Linux" module="module" />
    <device id="ffff:ffff:ffff"">
      <table file="pcitable" module="ignore">
        <desc>Generic Device Description</desc>

It tends to work pretty well and we use it to track pci ids for the lspci 
table (pci.ids), the first and second stage anaconda pcitable files as 
well as the pci tables for our seperate non-linux kernel.  I've packaged 
it into our version of the redhat-hwdata RPM (we call it vmware-hwdata), 
and I was going to release the SRPM as part of an upcoming product, but 
I'll see if I can release it seperately if people here think they'd find 
it useful.


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