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How to build a unique bootstrap cdrom for different Fedora distributions

Hi all,

I'm trying to build a bootable cdrom which can be used to install
different Fedora's distributions. Our hardware configurations are based
on ppc platforms.

I did not see any specific documentation about this.

So I tried to build this bootstap cdrom copying on the cdrom:
- my first stage bootable image (with the loader part of anaconda)
- a .discinfo file
- the Fedora/base subdirectory (with the stage2.img)

All this was generated using buildinstall (and one of the Fedora
distributions I would like to install).

The first steps of anaconda process seem ok (load of the stage2.img,...)
untill the preparation of the packages ("Reading package information")
which fails with a "An error occurred unmounting the CD" message.

At this step, (or before that) I would like that anaconda asks the user
to change the "bootstrap" cdrom and to use the first cdrom of the Fedora

Any idea or pointers will be helpfull.

Note that copying and using the same Fedora/base subdir. and using a
netboot image, we are able to install different Fedora distributions
through NFS install method.


Régis Odeyé
Thales Computers, a Thales company. www.thalescomputers.com
E-mail: rod thalescomputers fr
Tel: +33 (0)4 98 16 34 86 - Fax: +33 (0)4 98 16 34 01

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